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Let’s Celebrate this 4th of July!


The City of Silver Bay is looking for YOU to help make this year’s 4th of July firework display bigger and better than ever before.  BUSINESSES and CITIZENS can donate to help expand our display.

To donate towards the display, stop by City Hall or mail a check to City Hall, 7 Davis Drive, Silver Bay, MN 55614 payable to the City of Silver Bay by April 5th.  Thanks to all who donated last year!  Let’s continue to light up our community.

Weekly Trail Report from Silver Riders

Our club has not groomed yet this week because of the warm weather and rain.  The snow has settled considerably this week and the low trail areas have some water accumulation.  Last night was the first night it froze so there is a lot of icy spots on the trails, especially behind town at four corners.  The forecast is for warmer days the next week so we’ll see if our season of grooming is done or not.  Please be careful for the icy areas.  We have been requested to groom the State Trail tonight and Saturday night so we’ll see how that goes.  When you groom in warm weather the snow tends to roll up in the drag and make a snowball instead of spreading out.  The result is a trail that is not so smooth since the pan of the drag cannot do anything with the wet snow.  The weather will be warm so get out before the 31st when the Grant-In-Aid trails close.

Trails were groomed as follows:

Beaver Bay Trail, Thursday, 3/7, good condition, double pass

Red Dot from Silver Bay to State Trail, Tuesday, 3/9, good condition, double pass, caution on logging portion of the trail

Tettegouche Park trail to County Hwy #4, Friday, 3/8, good condition, double pass with the groomer

Tettegouche Park trail to Hwy #1, Friday, 3/8,  good condition, double pass with the groomer

Tettegouche Park trail lower loop/Palisade Head, Friday, 3/8, good condition, double pass with the groomer

George’s Gorge trail, Thursday, 2/22, fair condition, a single pass with the groomer

Moose Walk including Red Dot from Silver Bay, 3/2, good condition, watch for logging starting this week

Lax Lake spur from the  Red Dot, Tuesday, 2/19, fair condition double pass

Twin Lakes spur from Red Dot, Tuesday, 2/19, fair condition double pass

AmericInn spur, Thursday, 3/7, fair condition, watch for construction of the zip line course near the trail

State Trail Grooming from Northshore RR tracks to Finland, Saturday, 3/9, good condition

We are scheduled for grooming the State Trail on Friday 3/15 and Saturday night, 3/16. We will be leaving town about 8:00 pm, going out the Red Dot corridor trail, then heading to the Northshore Mining tracks, turning around and heading to Finland, turning around again and returning to town via the Red Dot corridor trail again.

If you have a chance visit our new Facebook page. You can visit it by typing in on the Facebook search box… silvertrailriders… and selecting
Silver Trail Riders Snowmobile & ATV Club drop down.

We have a new link on our Facebook page that we call the Silver Trail Riders Dynamic Grooming Report. This report is built on a Google spreadsheet which when updated will have the latest grooming results. It is available anytime and is Pinned at the top of the Facebook page. If you enjoy it please Like It or Share It on Facebook. This gives our club more exposure.

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