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City Code: Section 710 – Plumbing
710.01. State Plumbing Code Adopted. The Minnesota Plumbing Code, and regulations adopted thereunder, as amended, is adopted and incorporated herein by reference.
710.02. Permit Required. No person, including owners of property who wish to do their own plumbing work, shall construct, install or alter any plumbing, drain, vent, sump, water closet, sink, lavatory or other  plumbing fixtures within the City without first obtaining a permit from the Administrator or such other person that the Council may designate.
Subd. 1. Exceptions. No permit shall be required in case of routine maintenance and repairs not affecting sanitation such as mending of leaks in faucets, valves or water supply pipes, mending of broken fixtures, tanks, kitchen boilers, replacing fractures, releasing frozen pipes or rodding and flushing of any house sewer or drain.
710.03. Plumbing Inspector. A plumbing inspector (“Inspector”) shall be appointed by the Council and shall act under such rules and regulations as the Council may establish.
Subd. 1. Duties. It shall be the duty of the Inspector to enforce the provisions of this Section. The Inspector shall have the authority and power to issue citations or sign complaints for violations of this Section. The Inspector shall have the authority to enter any building or premises
in discharge of the Inspector’s duties.
Subd. 2. Compensation. The Inspector shall receive such compensation as may be set by resolution of the Council.
710.04. Compliance. All plumbing work, including that done by the owner of the property, shall comply with the Minnesota State Plumbing Code, as amended, and the provisions of this Section and shall meet the requirements of the Inspector.
Subd. 1. Inspection Required. All plumbing work hereafter constructed shall be inspected, and if found not to be in accordance with this Section, shall be corrected.
Subd. 2. Correction. If after written notice to the person installing work requiring correction thereof the person neglects or refuses to conform to the order, the City or any duly appointed Inspector may remove the work and charge the cost thereof to the person installing the
same. No person shall cover any such work without first having an inspection. Refusing to correct work when so ordered by the Inspector shall be a violation of this Section.
710.05. Forms. All forms for applications, permits and Inspector’s fee statement shall be furnished by the City and issued by the Administrator.
710.06. Fees. The fees for permits and inspections shall be as set by resolution of the Council.