Snowmobile Trail Modification by Black Beach Campground

With the recent snow, snowmobile season will soon be in high gear. With that, we want to let you know that the following area is off limits to snowmobiles and ATV’s. With the addition of the Black Beach Campground, the snowmobile and ATV trail needed to be modified. Below is a map area circled in red where snowmobiles and ATV’s are off limits. The highlighted yellow is the roadway, this can be used for going to and from the trails. Also be advised that other areas on the map may be private property and not open to snowmobiling and ATV riding. Your best bet is to stay on the trail, and use the very edge of the roadway when coming to and from the trail to avoid riding in the wrong area. If you have any questions, call the Police Department at 218-226-4486.