Preliminary Treatment Project for the Wastewater Treatment Facility

City of Silver Bay has started construction on upgrading its preliminary treatment at the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Silver Bay’s Wastewater Treatment Facility is an existing gravity collection system consisting of varying pipe sizes. The City performs infrastructure improvements as necessary to replace aging infrastructure. The City has been focusing improvements on areas believed to be major sources of infiltration and inflow (I&I). In addition, the safety of our employees is of concern as our current system is manual and employees are forced to work in confined spaces.  The new automated system will remove the confined spaces making it safer for the employees.

Total project costs are expected to be $4.5 million.  Funding for the project will come through a combination of $2 million in grants and the remaining $2.5 million from a 1% loan from the Public Facilities Authority (PFA).  Construction will primarily take place in 2020; however, parts of the project will carry over and closeout in 2021.

Click here for details and pictures of the ongoing project.