ATV Safety Course


The Silver Bay Police Department, along with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the MN DNR, are hosting ATV Safety classes on April 30th at the Rec Center, 109 Outer Dr. The first class begins at 8AM. The second class begins at 10AM. Classes are open to anyone ages 10 – 15. Students must first complete the MN ATV Safety Course online and bring a copy of their certificate to class. ATV’s will be provided for the riding portion, but students must bring a helmet and face mask. Register at City Hall, 226-4408, prior to April 28th.  You will need to provide the child’s full legal name, date of birth, and address.

All riders in Minnesota who were born after July 1st, 1987 are REQUIRED to complete an approved ATV Safety Course, and carry the Minnesota ATV Safety Certificate with them while riding on public lands.