Important Notice for All Campground Visitors


The City of Silver Bay continues to work towards improving visitor experience at both Black Beach Park and Black Beach Campground. We appreciate the feedback from visitors on what types of improvements they would like to see with controlling the dust, improve parking, pedestrian safety, and traffic control at the top of the list. We are happy to announce that we have started the engineering to make these improvements and construction could start as early as summer 2022! What does this mean for you? No increase in rates!

When booking your site, we want you to be aware that construction may be happening during your stay. We do not know the timeline for construction to occur just yet, but the City will provide updates on this website as they become available.

We understand there are inconveniences that can occur once construction is underway, but we will work hard to minimize some of those inconveniences but some we may not be able to avoid. Please be aware that noise, traffic congestion, and/or closings of the park may occur during your stay. We apologize in advance, but refunds will not be made due to construction during your stay. Normal cancellation policy remains in effect.

Thank you for your patience as we work towards an improved Black Beach Park and campground experience for you long-term.