White Pine Seedlings Now Available At City Hall: Spread the Word! Click here for more information.

Free White Pine Seedlings are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are available outside City Hall.

NOTE: The boxes of white pine seedlings contain 360 seedlings per box and have a marking of “PRT”, which is a Canada-based firm that has nurseries in the United States and Canada.  The white pine seedlings are of a genetic stock from Wisconsin.  Please take only what you can plant, protect, and tend to as they grow over the years.  We recommend getting the trees planted as soon as possible, and keep the roots moist and cool until planting.  

Here is a flyer on planting and care of white pine on the North Shore: CLICK HERE

Additional information is available on our website: https://northshoreforest.org/landowners/tree-planting/

Thank you once again to Minnesota Power and its very gracious donation of these 40,000 white pine seedlings through its “Rajala Woods Initiative“.  

Businesses and Organizations “Walk the Talk”: For generations, the leadership and staff at Minnesota Power have exhibited an ethic of sustainable environmental stewardship, providing tangible outcomes that benefit our region. The Company’s effort to bring back the white pine to the Minnesota forest landscape through the Rajala Woods Initiative (and its sister organization: The Rajala Woods Foundation) pays homage to the long-standing former Minnesota Power board member Jack Rajala (pronounced: “RI-AH-LA”), who literally wrote the book “Bringing Back the White Pine”. 

Here’s to a great planting season!