The Wayne Johnson Silver Bay Municipal Airport [KBFW] is located approximately seven miles southwest of Silver Bay on County Road 3. This small aircraft airport is unattended and there are no fuels available onsite.

Phone No.: 218.226.3542

Airport Information Phone No.: 218.226.4408

Airport Contact: Lana Fralich, City Administrator (email Lana)

Runway 7-25 3,200 x 75 asphalt, trees on each end
Lights Beacon, PCL/PAPI/REIL
Approaches NDB and GPS
Approach Frequency Minneapolis Center 134.55
CTAF 122.9
NDB (BFW) 350
Traffic Pattern Altitude (MSL/AGL) 1890/801
AWOS NDB 350 218.226.3537

Hangars are available for rent – FULL.

Hangar rates:  $85 per month (airplane); and $175 per month (hangar storage rent) (two year lease terms).

If interested in renting a hangar, please contact City Hall at 218.226.4408.