The Wayne Johnson Silver Bay Municipal Airport [KBFW] is located approximately seven miles southwest of Silver Bay on County Road 3. This small aircraft airport is unattended and there are no fuels available onsite.  The airport runway is closed indefinitely.

Phone No.: 218.226.3542

Airport Information Phone No.: 218.226.4408

Airport Contact: Lana Fralich, City Administrator (email Lana)

Runway 7-25 3,200 x 75 asphalt, trees on each end
Lights Beacon, PCL/PAPI/REIL
Approaches NDB and GPS
Approach Frequency Minneapolis Center 134.55
CTAF 122.9
NDB (BFW) 350
Traffic Pattern Altitude (MSL/AGL) 1890/801
AWOS NDB 350 218.226.3537

There are currently two hangars available for rent to store your aircraft.

Hangar rates:  $85 per month (airplane); and $175 per month (hangar storage rent) (two-year lease terms).

If interested in renting a hangar, please contact City Hall at 218.226.4408.