Fire Department

The Silver Bay Fire Department was incorporated on July 10, 1957. It moved into its new fire hall in 1967 which is where we are located today. We cover 750 square miles including,  Silver Bay,  City of Beaver Bay,  Beaver Bay Township,  Silver Creek Township and UT1 Township. We have mutual aid contracts with the Finland Fire Department and the Two Harbors Fire Department. There are currently 24 volunteers that make up the Silver Bay Fire Department’s fire fighters.

The fire department has two Type 1 engines, one Type 3 engine and one Pumper/Tender.  In June of 2014 we received a FEMA grant for a 6-person Custom Cab 3000 gallon tandem axle which we will receive in September of 2015. The current Fire Chief is Mike Rowlee,  the First Assistant Chief is Jody Reineccius, the Second Assistant Chief is Faron Meeks and the Captain is Ward Danielson.


It shall be unlawful for any person to start, conduct, or allow any fire on any property within the city without a permit issued as defined in Chapter 5, Section 540 of the Silver Bay City Code.  Fires contained in a charcoal grill, camp stove, or other similar device are exempt from the required permit.

Fire and Burning Permit

Recreational Fire State Statue and/or State Fire Codes

Opening Burning State Statue and/or State Fire Codes


Silver Bay Fire Department is working with the American Red Cross to help prevent fire related deaths. Today we are installing smoke detectors in homes in the northland. If you or someone you know needs smoke detectors go to the link below.