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Silver Bay is a Statutory Plan A city with an elected mayor and four council members, as well as an appointed City Administrator. The City conducts even year elections with a two-year mayor’s term and staggered four-year terms for council members.


Mayor Scott M. Johnson [2-year term – expires 12/20] – “I am married to Roxanne and have three adult children.  I retired two years ago after 36 years in corrections.  I have served on the City Council off and on since 1987.  I have enjoyed serving as Mayor this time around since I have more time to do the job.”


Councilor Richard DeRosier [4-year term – expires 12/22] – “I have been a resident of Silver Bay for over 30 years.  I am married to my wife Lisa and together we have raised our three children here.

I am an Investigator for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office – 28 years – Assigned as Investigator with the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force and am also a Federal Task Force Officer with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

I have been a member of the Silver Bay Fire Department for the past 27 years and have coached youth hockey and baseball.

I have been a past Silver Bay City Councilman and am a current board member for the Lake County Housing and Redevelopment Authority.  These positions have given me an insight into issues that affect the City of Silver Bay and Lake County as a whole.

I believe that two of the biggest issues facing the City of Silver Bay are the lack of economic development and the financial difficulties that affect small cities.

Economic development encompasses more than just attracting a business to a piece of property.  It involves the look of the community as a whole.   It involves solid city infrastructure, decent housing, good educational opportunities, and healthcare options as well as public safety you can count on.

As a seven-year board member with the Lake County Housing and Redevelopment Authority, I have experience and would like to be involved in the process to fix these issues by helping our city leaders research grants and secure funding from agencies such as the AEOA, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, Small Cities Development Program, and IRRRB.

Having been a past Silver Bay City Councilman, I am knowledgeable on Silver Bay City policies, procedures, and city government process including budgets, departments, and personnel.

I can be reached at 218-226-4019 and welcome any questions or comments.”


Councilor Dustin Goutermont [4-year term- expires 12/20] – “I was born and raised in Silver Bay and graduated from William M Kelley High School in 2001. I then left to attend college where I earned a degree in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD).  I returned to Silver Bay after college in 2005 where I began to work for Northshore Mining.  I wanted to get involved in the community so in May of 2005, I joined the Silver Bay Fire Department and was an assistant boy’s high school hockey coach in 2007-2008.  Then in 2012, I was elected to the city council.  I am married to my wife Tina who is a teacher at William M. Kelley and together we have 2 children.”


Councilor Shane Hoff [4-year term – expires 12/22] – “I’ve lived in Silver Bay for a total of 23 years – the first 8 of my life and the past 15.  I am married to my wife Lisa of 16 years who works at Northshore Mining and we have two children attending William Kelley.  We are all very active in many areas of the community and look forward to making this an even better place to live.

My parents, Vane and Sheryl Hoff, relocated back to the area in 2014 and I have many aunts, uncles, and cousins who live in the area or visit regularly due to both sets of grandparents raising families here since the late 1950s (Vern / Virginia Hoff and Harley / Jane Jasperson).

I graduated from Red Wing High School in 1994 and from UMD with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree in 1998.  I worked at Northshore Mining Company for 12 years in various engineering and management roles where I met many wonderful people.  For the past 3 years, I have worked for BASF as an account manager which has allowed me to expand my reach professionally while spending more time with my family and friends.

I am a member of the Silver Bay Fire Department since 2001 and coach youth hockey and baseball.  My hobbies include fishing, hunting, camping, hockey, softball, tennis, golf and of course playing bean bags.

I decided to run for City Council because I believe this is an exciting time for Silver Bay and we all have the opportunity to really make a positive contribution to our community for generations to come.  I come into this with an open mind, eager to listen to all sides, with the goal of achieving the best solutions for our town as a whole.


Councilor Carlene Perfetto [4-year term – expires 12/20] – “My name is Carlene Perfetto and I have been a Silver Bay City Council Person for 14 years starting in 1997 with a 4-year break from 2004 to 2008.  I grew up in Finland and Two Harbors.  I attended school in both towns and entered William M. Kelley High School on a September morning in 1958.  I left William M. Kelley High School June of 1962 and never looked back, until December of 1994.  My travels took me to numerous jobs in the metro Minneapolis area.  In 1971 I got my “dream job” of dispatching police and fire at Golden Valley, MN.  In 1978 I sold my house, packed up my bag and baggage and the dog and flew to Los Angeles, CA.  I got a chance at a second “dream job” at Culver City Police Department.  I served there as a Dispatcher, Administration Bureau Secretary, Acting Secretary for the Chief of Police, and Police Support Services Supervisor (that’s a fancy term for “procurement officer”) until December 1994.  Earlier in the year, I bought my house on Edison, basically sight unseen, knowing only that it was going to be okay because my brother Budge, his wife Terri, son Todd and daughter Wendy lived there – oh, and the first of the “greats” Samantha!

I was reminded this week (January 2015) that I am what is called the “elder statesman” on the council.  It’s kind of scary in a way.  I guess I never, ever thought I would ever live that long or be honored by such an accolade, thanks to my “friend”.


The council meets twice a month on the first and third Monday at 7:00 pm.

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