Public Comment Period Open

The Silver Bay Police Department is looking to implement body worn cameras in spring/early summer of 2024. According to Minnesota State law, all “local law enforcement must provide for public comment before it purchases OR implements a portable recording system. At a minimum, the agency must accept public comments submitted electronically or by mail, and the governing body with jurisdiction over the budget of the law enforcement agency must provide for public comment at a regularly scheduled meeting.”
Public Comment
The written draft policy will be available for public comment starting April 1st, 2024 through April 15th,2024. All comments must be submitted my 12:00pm on the 15th. If you would like to make comments, please submit them via email to
If you wish to submit your comments by mail, please send them to the following address:
Silver Bay Police Department
7 Davis Drive, Silver Bay MN, 55614
Ref: BWC Comment

The body worn camera policy will be also available for comment at the Silver Bay City Council Meeting April 15th at Silver Bay City Hall at 7 Davis Drive, Silver Bay MN, 55614
The Draft BWC Policy will be made available to view on the Silver Bay City website:


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